Inheritance Tax Planning

What assets are taken into account and how much do I pay?

  • Your main residence and any other properties you may own.
  • Any life assurance policies not written in trust, shares or stocks, savings & investments, businesses & all personal items of any significant value.
  • Inheritance tax is currently payable at 40% of the value of the estate over £325,000. (information is based on our understanding of current legislation particularly relating to taxation and may be subject to change in the future).

Do I have to pay it ?

Unless the estate is passing to your spouse or to charity, Inheritance Tax will always be payable on the part of your estate above £325,000. However there are some effective ways to help ensure that your estate remains intact for the benefit of those you intended. Speak to Wright & Lord Financial Services who will review your situation and recommend a specially designed package to help protect what is rightfully yours.

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