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Everyone likes the idea of having something put aside for that ‘rainy day’ but there’s a lot to think about. Should you save a regular monthly amount or make a lump sum investment? What about the tax implications? What about access to your money? Over what period of time should you invest? Are you saving for a specific purpose? What rate of return should you expect? Do you want capital growth or an income from your savings? And the big one: what’s the risk factor?

Add to the array of bewildering savings and investment products to all those questions and you’re left needing some very good, trustworthy advice. And that’s why we’re here. Wright & Lord Financial Services advisers will help make it all as simple as possible. With access to the whole of the market, a suitable plan or plans can be tailor-made to your needs and goals. We’ll review your plan or portfolio on a regular basis to make sure it’s delivering what you expected and we’ll advise you if any adjustments need to be made to keep it on track.

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