How do you ensure you are adequately covered?

Should a building become unoccupied for a lengthy period of time* many insurers reduce the insured perils to fire, lightning, explosion & aircraft. *(the standard timeframe, although not exclusive is 30 days)

We have listed below some things you can do that may help you to protect your property during this challenging time. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and we do not accept responsibility for any loss incurred to your premises by adhering to our suggestions.

Switch off Utilities (Unless there is a legitimate reason not to e.g: keeping the heating on in a cold period powering alarms).

Keep the heating on during a cold spell (to reduce the risk of burst pipes).

Maintaining power to fire/burglar alarms (to reduce the risk of fire and or theft).

Take reasonable steps to detract from the fact that the property is unoccupied, e.g. maintaining the grounds and exterior of the building.

Avoid noticeable accumulation of post.

Carry out regular inspection visits. Upon inspection correct any defects.

Tip – To evidence your inspection, every time you visit, take a photo or a video.

Consider new video technology.

Due to the current situation many of us are limited in our access to our empty properties.

From the insurers perspective leaving a building empty means the ‘risk’ has changed. To stay adequately insured it is imperative you check your insurer’s policy wording and communicate the occupancy change