Do you offer an ongoing service and how much does it cost?

As well as providing an initial recommendation, we can also offer a regular review. This might be an annual review to check the value of your investments and consider any changes to your circumstances, checking your risk profile, make sure you are not missing tax saving opportunities, improving the tax effectiveness of your portfolio etc.

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How do you assess whether a product or investment has the right level of risk for me?

We will explain what we consider your risk profile to be and how each recommendation or product fits in with this. We use specialist tools and detailed conversation to assess this for each client. If you think you are prepared to take more or less risk than we suggest, please ask us to explain how

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How do you assess my financial needs?

We will outline to you the process that we use to decide how to advise you and what to recommend to you. We will ask questions about your current provision, your circumstances, plans, goals, attitude to risk, and any expected changes. Our advice does not necessarily lead to a product sale. Our role is to

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What experience and qualifications do you have?

The FCA has increased the minimum standards of qualification that financial advisers have to meet to ensure their knowledge is up to date. Advisers now have to be qualified at Level 4 or above of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (equivalent to the first year of a university degree). Professional advisers also need to obtain

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Why would I need a financial adviser?

There is a mis-conception that financial advisers are only for the wealthy. However, they are there to guide you through all your changing circumstances throughout your life. As circumstances and lifestyles change so do your financial needs and objectives. It doesn't matter how much money you do or do not have, with correct financial advice

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